February Meet Recap – Our biggest to date

What a day! The weather stayed clear, albeit a little windy and we managed to near enough fill the Akeman car park. I arrived just before 9am to be greeted by Adam, who had already made a start on getting everyone parked neatly and in order by marque. I was a little reserved about doing this before now, as I like the organic feel and mixture of cars that attend. Well, my reservations were soon gone once I saw just how good, 15+ Evo’s and half a dozen GTR’s looked all lined up. There were many new faces and some returnees that made up the some 50 cars present today. From Peugeot 205 GTi to Audi RS5 and a pair of Lamborghini Gallardo’s, we had it all.

So now we’re looking forward to next month, we’re going to be back, bigger and better and keep an eye out for the recap video which should be available in the next seven days!

Links to images here http://www.facebook.com/boosteduk

Thanks to our network partners Bouncers, Auto Torque, DetailR, Notography and AT Performance.

Also thanks to our staff and volunteers for organising the day.

-Team Boosted12744258_446471282212851_328495938949959030_n

February Meet Recap – Our biggest to date

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