Bstd x Mr Penfold

Our launch T-shirts are finally here, ready to ship and we’re very proud of our first collaboration effort.

This BSTD logo design was created by none other than Bristol’s, Tim Gresham, also widely know as street artist @MrPenfold
Penfold originally hails from Cambridge but he works as an artist and designer based from his Bristol studio. He’s known for painting entire sides of buildings and is often commissioned by record, beverage, and software companies, showing his work all over the world.

So if you were one of the lucky 50 who ordered from this launch line, congratulations! As these are not for sale and are strictly limited to our community members.

Mr Penfold in his Bristol studio

The garments themselves are the highest thread count, vegan certified, organic cotton. Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact where possible by using products such as these. We also remove any need for plastic packaging where possible.

We’re confident this will be the best fitting, most comfortable and resilient t-shirt you’ve ever owned, and the good news is we have plenty more projects in the pipeline!

We only use the best quality, ethically sourced blanks for our garments

When we launched this free t-shirt campaign (last summer!) we wholly underestimated the fulfillment aspect, when trying to deliver the highest quality garment with low environmental impact, for free to our members. Bringing this together for our community wasn’t easy but we’re so pleased with the result. The feedback so far has been overwhelming, so we hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

Colour options to follow

As a thank you for getting on board early, we’re adding our all-new BSTD sticker pack worth £15 in your delivery and we’re also throwing in a £10 voucher code for our February 2020 launch.

Collected yours at the Turkey Run? No problem, we’ll get your stickers to you asap.

Finally, an update on what’s in store with Boosted Impetus and our 2020 event calendar will be sent out next week and we’re super excited to share this with you.

Take care,

-Team Boosted

Bstd x Mr Penfold