The reason we collaborated with Mr Penfold.

It might seem strange to some. An automotive brand and a street artist, producing garments? To us, these are more than just garments. Everything we put our name to represents us, our brand and our message. In the world we live in today, it’s too easy to produce T-shirts. At the click of a button you can have a logo produced, a design made and a run of as little as five shirts on their way to you. It’s more than likely that your Alibaba order will consist of low quality, poor fitting blanks, made in sweat shops from low cost material and a cheap print.

When undertaking a design project with a widely respected (albeit underground) artist, their work demands a quality canvas to display their graft. That’s why we choose carefully when selecting our products. Sure, we could use the cheaper shirts and hoodies but would they feel as soft, fit so well and last a lifetime? definitely not.

So with every item we produce, a small piece of our ‘upheld by the driven’ ethos is contained within that product. For Boosted, the ‘Bristol’ by Penfold was an opportunity to bring the worlds of automotive and art together, creating something that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates style and design. The focus was to only release a limited edition run with the highest quality and most importantly, showing the people what we’re made of.

The reason we collaborated with Mr Penfold.

Boosted Events in 2018

What does the future hold?

Since the inception of Boosted Events™ in November 2015, the popularity and attendance of our events have grown exponentially. The humble beginnings of just twenty like-minded driving enthusiasts, gathered together on a Sunday morning, to discuss all things motoring over a cup of coffee are long gone.

Moving forward to September 2017, the most recent breakfast meet held, attracted over 200 cars and raised an incredible £905 for charitable causes. Raising money by allowing high numbers to attend is very rewarding but Boosted Events™ has reached a crossroads and a change of direction is now due.

Boosted is no longer just a brand, it’s become a movement and an institution for many. April 2017 saw Boosted’s inaugural driving weekend take place, an instant success and as a result, new friendships were formed and memories made. During the course of 2017 a total of 3 driving weekends, 6 breakfast meets and a charity food drive were executed with great success.

Following on with this momentum, 2018 looks set to be even better, so from now on in Boosted will evolve into a Drivers Club with a membership structure in place.

BSTDC members will benefit from discounts and vouchers from a variety of retailers, gain access to the private group chat and receive exclusive invitations to Dawn Drives, Regular Breakfast Meets and Driving Weekends. Looking even further forward there is also scope to include Track Days, Sprints, V-Max style events and much more.

BSTDC membership applications are open to all owners of High Performance Sports & Super Cars and Rare or Custom Vehicles. The aim of creating the Drivers Club is to focus the identity of the brand and provide a heightened experience for our members.

Finally a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Boosted along the way and we are looking forward to continuing having fun with cars. Keep an eye on our channels, as full details on the club are to be released in the next few weeks.


-Team Boosted

Boosted Events in 2018