The reason we collaborated with Mr Penfold.

It might seem strange to some. An automotive brand and a street artist, producing garments? To us, these are more than just garments. Everything we put our name to represents us, our brand and our message. In the world we live in today, it’s too easy to produce T-shirts. At the click of a button you can have a logo produced, a design made and a run of as little as five shirts on their way to you. It’s more than likely that your Alibaba order will consist of low quality, poor fitting blanks, made in sweat shops from low cost material and a cheap print.

When undertaking a design project with a widely respected (albeit underground) artist, their work demands a quality canvas to display their graft. That’s why we choose carefully when selecting our products. Sure, we could use the cheaper shirts and hoodies but would they feel as soft, fit so well and last a lifetime? definitely not.

So with every item we produce, a small piece of our ‘upheld by the driven’ ethos is contained within that product. For Boosted, the ‘Bristol’ by Penfold was an opportunity to bring the worlds of automotive and art together, creating something that can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates style and design. The focus was to only release a limited edition run with the highest quality and most importantly, showing the people what we’re made of.

The reason we collaborated with Mr Penfold.

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