Nürburgring Tour 2019

Is there another place like it? I don’t believe so. The magic of the Nürburgring is what makes it such a special place to visit. You can roll up any time of day, or night, to be met by some of the finest machinery all gathered in one place. It’s a motoring mecca and where a lot of petrolheads call their second home, or first home even.

My first visit to the ‘Ring was in June 2016 as we completed the final two days of the Rico Rally. I had watched videos of the Nürburgring and seen all the usual crash compilation videos and lap records posted online but until then hadn’t had the opportunity to visit. We arrived on the Friday afternoon, following a long day driving up from France, via the incredible Black Forest roads. I swapped seats after the forestw roads and we hit 250kph on the Autobahn in a 650 BHP Porsche 991 Turbo S. I wasn’t driving.

We bought our 30€ ticket, buckled up and made our way to the booths. As the barrier rises, you suddenly feel quite alone on the track, realising there are some 130 bends and 20km ahead of you. What a rush though.

We finished the day in one piece, celebrated with a beer and then headed to Pistenklause to eat some stone cooked, self prepared meat and drink many of those fizzy German, headache inducing beers.

Nürburgring Tour 2019

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