November Meet & Drive Out

First of all, a huge thank you to all who made our November meet so successful. It was a crisp morning and everyone was very punctual, arriving before 9am to sample some freshly ground beans from the Akeman’s coffee machine in Kingswood.

We grouped together on the Southside of the gravel car park and set about viewing each others cars and introducing ourselves to one another. Within minutes everyone was swapping stories on their cars history or experiences while out driving their vehicle. It was great to see the different types of car enthusiast all coming together and engaging so well.

Shortly after 9.30 am we set off from the Pub, led by Tom in the tuned Blue Evolution X and gained momentum on the A41. The convoy must nearly have stretched from Kingswood to the dual carriageway we had so many cars! One by one we joined the convoy and began the journey to Stony Stratford, where breakfast was waiting for us.

A very spirited 35 minute drive followed and by that time we were all hungry and ready for pancakes or a New York breakfast at the infamous ‘Buddies USA’ cafe. When we arrived on site, there were more cars and drivers waiting to meet us. Budging the total cars from 16 up to 20!

We all devoured our chosen plate and then regrouped outside for a few photos and to shake hands and say goodbye. Leaving Buddies Milton Keynes at around midday.

Thanks again to all who put in the effort to attend and see you in December!

-Team Boosted


Boosted Insta poster 2

November Meet & Drive Out

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